Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life makes you see.....

So as if I'm not going through enough with my hubby being diagnosed with terminal cancer and fighting it for the past 1.5 years and having one of the most stressful jobs of my entire life.......I'm thrown another curveball.  One of my very good friends has to have surgery tomorrow to basically save his life.  This brings back so many hard, terrifying, horrible feelings and memories of when my hubby had to have surgery last March only to receive such horrible news from it, that I naturally fear the worst for my friend.  Then I stop.....take a deep breath....and really analyze why I'm feeling this way and that I have SO much to be grateful for!!  I've learned so much and compiled what life makes you *SEE* - sometimes for the first time.  Enjoy :)

Life makes you see........

How important the family unit is.
How much love surrounds you in hard times from friends, family and even complete strangers - you are never alone.
How blessed you are to get to spend each second upon this Earth.
How beautiful your children are and that you GET the opportunity to raise them.
How each second is precious and to make each moment count.
How important it is to have best *girl* friends.

There is no way I could have gotten through all of this without my family.  They are my rocks of foundation and my friends are my beacons of light that guide me through dark times.  Russ and I have become so much closer due to these experiences and I will be forever grateful for these moments.

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