Monday, January 30, 2012

Case Studies and Family Pics!!!

Here I am again - actually keeping my promise of updating after Russ's last appointment, so here it goes......
We met with Dr. Sharma and his team of staff and he presented 2 different case studies that Russ can possibly participate in.  It's hard to explain how they work other than he's a human guinea pig and has to be monitored almost daily by taking blood from him and doing routine scans.  Which in all actuality isn't a bad thing, just lots of visits up to Huntsman Cancer Institute.  They're also sending his last biopsy to a lab in Phoenix where they can analyze it for gene and chromosone tracers, etc.  I'm actually very excited for this part....I feel like this is something the doctors should have done from the very beginning!!!  So now we are researching the 2 different case studies and choosing one and then start the eligiblity process then see if they will let him do it (kind of backwards I know).

In other GREAT news, our family pictures have finally arrived!!!!!
Here are a couple of sneak peeks:

Haley, Audra, and Taylor

Say cheese!!!

Andy, Josh, Liz, Lauren, Jim, Erik, Kristin, Dan

This was so much fun to get together and finally get full family group pics.  Our photographer was amazing!! 
I'll update again when we've decided on what we're doing.
Love you all!!



Amy said...

Great news! Glad they are giving you options to work with! Love the sneak peek, adorabl photos.

Nette said...

I am so glad to hear you have some options!! Darling pictures, you have such a gorgeous family!

Trent and Meg said...

Love the pictures!!! Your family is so cute :) Love that there is some happy news finally--can't wait to hear how everything plays out :)