Monday, February 20, 2012

Let the tests begin..........

Hello again......I thought I better give everyone an update on what's new.
Russ is starting his preliminary screening (EKG, CT Scans, Blood work, release forms, etc) on Wednesday.....FINALLY!!!  It took about a week to hear from our case study coordinator and then scheduled the testing date and after that changed 2 times, we finally are going in.  The tests will take all day - so I will have to give an update to everyone on how they went and next steps on Thursday.  Once he's cleared on the preliminary tests, then the real fun begins.  We go up to Huntsman's almost every day for 3 weeks - some days are longer than others due to the amount of blood they want to take and whatever test they want to run on specific days, so that will be TONS of fun.......
Sorry for the sarcastic tone to all of this, just trying to be patient and postive and not thinking about how stressful this time will be.  All we can HOPE for is that this will hopefully give him more time with us all.  We already have accepted the fact that there will never be a cure for this.

***BIG NEWS***  Russ finally joined the 20th century and got a Android smartphone and get this.........reactivated his Facebook account!!!!  I was just as shocked as the rest of you, so now you can actually contact him and he replies pretty fast.....that was so 20 seconds ago.......LOL

Also, I've been working on making video slideshows of our vacations over the past year, so those should start popping up soon too!!  In fact I'll try posting our Hawaii video soon.

Talk to you again on Thursday....have a great week!!


P.S.  Audra left this on the counter for me this past week and it was just too cute to not share!!